VERT Wearable Fitness Monitor Tracks Your Jumps

Posted on Feb 23 2015 - 3:20pm by Russ

VERT Jump Monitor Tracker
Fitness tracking is all the rage these days. I get it. It is addictive. At least it is for me. I like comparing my daily activity from day to day and week to week. But what if you perform a sport where tracking your vertical jump is important? Most fitness monitors don’t track your vertical jumps. In fact, I don’t know of any that track your vertical jump distance.
Enter the VERT Jump Rate Monitor which pairs to you iOS device to show you your jump height as well as frequency and intensity.

The VERT Jump Rate Monitor is a non-invasive, miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU), that allows athletes to perform in games and practices without discomfort. The device pairs with an iOS app that can be monitored by coaches during use, and instantly provides jump rate, jump height and any additional jump-related measurements. As an added benefit all users will have the ability to view and track VERT Jump data on smartwatches for quick and easier review. The device itself is unnoticeable to both observers and the user, but allows coaches to monitor player jumps in practices, games, tryouts and workouts.

As athletes — especially youth athletes — continue to intensify their training on a year-round basis, coaches, parents and players, alike, have come to understand the importance of safe practices. However, for those who participate in sports that require explosive jumping movements like volleyball, basketball and track and field, there was previously no efficient way to monitor the frequency or intensity of those jumps to ensure safe injury preventive practice habits.

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