Panasonic Nubo Streaming Security Camera with 4G LTE

Posted on Mar 2 2015 - 12:25pm by Lew

Panasonic Nubo Camera

Panasonic is stepping into the streaming security camera market with the Nubo. Time will tell if the implementation is enough to steal customers from the likes of Oco and Dropcam. But from the looks of the spec sheet this camera has quite a bit going on. Read on for details of the Panasonic Nubo.

Panasonic Nubo Camera Rear

One of the biggest weaknesses with security cameras that store video/audio in the cloud, other than your power going out, is if your WiFi is down. Well the Panasonic Nubo plans on fixing both of those issues. The Nubo will have 4G LTE in addition to WiFi and also the option of an added battery pack. The specs are pretty impressive at first glance, but as I mentioned earlier it is all about the implementation. Here are some of the Nubo specifications –

  • 1080p camera with 140-degree lens
  • IR illumination (10m visibility in pitch darkness)
  • Dedicated motion sensor
  • Microphone and speaker for two-way radio
  • Magnetic mounting solution
  • MicroSDXC card slot for local storage
  • SIM card slot for 4G LTE (2G/3G/4G LTE)
  • microUSB port for power
  • Slot-in battery pack option

The Nubo looks a bit bulky at the moment, but I think most people could live with the size as long as the monthly cost isn’t too high. There are also plans for human detection so you don’t get alerts when the cat or dog passes in front of the camera.

Panasonic Nub Streaming Camera

The camera is also going to be IP-66 rated meaning that it can survive powerful gets of water and dust. This is a big one as most of the other cameras on the market are for indoor use only.

Panasonic Nubo App

Current pricing is going to be in the $249 range (hopefully lower) and plans will start from $7-10 per month for 250 alarms and seven days of cloud storage. From there it goes up to 500 alarms/14 days cloud storage, 1000 alarms/30 days cloud storage, and 2500 alarms/90 days cloud storage.  There is also going to be an option for free local storage and WiFi only viewing.

Expect to see the Panasonic Nubo in November of 2015

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