DeWalt Bluetooth Batteries Packed With Features And Security

Posted on Jun 11 2015 - 11:52am by Adam E


This post is aimed at the contractor or construction folks amongst us. Tools, and in this case batteries, tend to disappear at job sites. Whether the batteries are accidentally taken or are outright theft really doesn’t matter. Either way, you are out a very expensive and important battery.

Enter the DeWalt 20V Max 2.0/4.0 Amp Bluetooth Batteries (DCB203BT and DCB204BT). These new bluetooth batteries pair with Apple and Android phones (and tablets) via a Tool Connect App. This allows the owner to control the batteries remotely via Bluetooth. Read on for the awesome tricks and security this adds to the battery.

At first, they may seem like an unnecessary feature until you hear what it can do. The DeWalt Bluetooth batteries can do the following;

  • Users can view inventory of batteries on job site.
  • Users can remotely turn the batteries off or on.
  • Users can remotely check the battery level.
  • Users can have alerts if batteries go out of range and can have them automatically disabled.
  • Users can loan batteries with pre-set time of use, after the time is up the battery will shut off.

Pretty cool stuff. If a “disabled” battery is impossible to enable for a thief this technology should eliminate battery theft and over zealous borrowers.


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