Retro Edison Style Light That Uses LED Bulb

Posted on Jul 7 2015 - 10:13am by Russ

LED Edison Bulb

The old-school Edison lightbulbs definitely add some class to the right setting. The only bummer is that they create a bit of heat which means they aren’t energy efficient. Up until recently, if you wanted the vintage Edison lighting you didn’t really have much choice. Things are changing as their are now LED versions of the retro Edison bulbs that use very little power while keeping the cool styling of yesterday. Imagine being able to go from 20-watts (incandescent) down to just 2-watts (LED).

For example, here are a few LED bulbs that do a pretty good job at looking the part;

Edison Style LED lightbulb


The Kingso E27 2W ST48 LED Lightbulb







Old Edison Light LED


The Kingso E27 2W Tubular LED Lightbulb








Retro LED lightbulb

The STG E26 3W Squirrel Cage LED Lightbulb


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