Icarus System For Hijacking Drones With Complete Takeover

Posted on Oct 28 2016 - 9:42am by Steve M

This evil and awesome gadget is capable of recording the unique ID of any DSMX transmitter for a complete remote control takeover. Technically it can take over any DSMX based remote control from RC cars, boats, quadcopters, drones, etc… In the case of a drone for example, once piloting control is “stolen” the original drone operators remote is rendered useless. The “new” pilot can then fly away or do whatever they like.

“As DSMX is a frequency hopping protocol this produces a pattern unique to each hijacked target. The bottom portion of the lower display shows decoded ppm input from the host control system much like a servo monitor in a standard radio. The RF subsystem is a standard offering similar to what is present in a typical hobbyist transmitter.”

I want one! Unfortunately they aren’t available for sale as of yet.


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