Ultraskiff 360 Boat

Posted on Sep 21 2015 - 11:09am by Lew

Ultraskiff 360

If you are a loner who loves fishing, check out the Ultraskiff. It is one of the strangest shape boats that I have seen. Because, let’s be honest, a round boat isn’t exactly the best shape for ripping through the water. But, technically, that isn’t what the Ultraskiff ($1,595 with free shipping) is about. It is about fishing. All about fishing. Tons of storage and a virtually unsinkable design.

If you get a fish on the line and it decides to take a crazy path around your boat it isn’t a problem in the Ultraskiff. You simply rotate your chair around. Pretty cool, right? And no more typical boat launches either. You can put the Ultraskiff in the back of your truck and simply roll it down the boat launch and straight into the water.

Ultraskiff 360 Boat In Truck

More video and pictures of the Ultraskiff 360 Boat after the break.


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