Ever Wonder Where Your Cat Goes Each Night?

Posted on Jun 7 2016 - 9:39am by gchoe

Cat Tracking GPS 1

These images are from the nightly escapades of cats. Yep, your sweet innocent indoor/outdoor cat puts on some serious mileage while you sleep. These Australian cats were outfitted with GPS trackers to let the owners know what their cats were up to. Seriously.

In Australia cats are considered invasive species and can have devastating effects on the native wildlife. Often cats’ owners are convinced that their pets don’t roam around at night, so the aim of this project is to show them what’s really going on.

The pattern is not totally consistent but there is a pattern nonetheless. Seems like cats like to spend time exploring locally before taking one to two long trips.

Ever curious where your outdoor pets explore? If yes, you can get a pet GPS tracker for just $79.

Cat Tracking GPS 2 Cat Tracking GPS 3 Cat Tracking GPS 4 Cat Tracking GPS 5 Cat Tracking GPS 6

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