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Posted on Dec 3 2013 - 6:30pm by Craig

Contech Scarecrow Review

I have been using and recommending the Contech Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler for so long but forgot to review it and share the information with you guys.  Sorry about that!  It is truly one of my favorite gadgets.  When paired with a good outdoor camera and PVR (preferably with night vision) it will provide some of the best comedy money can buy.  Read on for details and video of the Contech Scarecrow.


How does a motion activated sprinkler provide comedy you ask?  Well I use it for any number of things, and all of them make great video after the fact.  Some things I use the Contech CRO101 for include keeping raccoons from digging up my lawn, keeping cats from using my planters as litter imageboxes, keeping people from digging in my trashcans when I put them out, etc,  Some of my favorite video is from when we had messy dumpster divers at my business.  I got tired of cleaning up the mess they made each morning.  So I set the Scarecrow up during the day, and adjusted the motion sensor and spray pattern for maximum effectiveness.  Then I waited.  They almost always did their dumpster digging between 11PM and 2AM.  The first night was no exception and provided some of the best Laurel and Hardy video I have seen in a while.  After being sprayed twice the crack heads human-raccoons tried to sneak up on the dumpster.  Fail.  They got sprayed again.  Training wild animals takes time. 

The Contech Scarecrow works great at keeping critters out of your yard or garden as well.

Versatile and Broad-Reaching for Maximum Effectiveness
The Scarecrow is versatile enough to keep deer, rabbits, and other foragers from snacking on plants and bulbs, to prevent dogs from digging up newly seeded lawns, to keep the cat from using your garden as a litter box, and to scare predators like herons and raccoons away from your fish pond.

The ScareCrow’s motion detector is powerful enough to guard an area up to 1000 square feet of coverage with a single sprinkler. For added coverage, Scarecrow sprinklers can be linked in series to guard larger spaces.

Efficient Design and Easy to Set Up
Setting the Scarecrow up is fast and easy, and doesn’t require any special tools. Simply install a standard 9-volt battery, connect the sprinkler to your hose, push the 17-inch stake into ground to secure the unit, and set the adjustable sprinkler arc to cover the area you want protected.

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