Nesmuk Janus Folding Knife

Posted on Oct 7 2016 - 9:16am by gchoe


Nesmuk knives, of Germany, are known for being both beautiful and high quality. They are for chefs who want the best. The Nesmuk Janus Folding Knife ($770) fits the same mold and is definitely a thing of beauty. The odd thing is that this knife isn’t your typical EDC, it is still a kitchen knife. A mobile kitchen knife. Their description says “ideal choice for cutting meat in a stylish and respectful way even away from home”. The Nesmuk Janus Folder comes in piano lacquer blue, black, white, orange, or silver.


The Nesmuk JANUS folder is equipped with a blade made of special stainless steel distinguished by a very fine microstructure. A high-quality matt black DLC coating (diamond-like carbon: a 3 ? thick, amorphous carbon coating) further enhances the outstanding friction properties and thus significantly improves the cutting performance of the 58 HRC hard blade.

nesmuk-janus-folding-knife-blue  nesmuk-janus-folding-knife-siilver

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