Small And Light Folding eBike, The Air-33

Posted on Oct 11 2016 - 11:38am by L.


The eBike’s continue to grow in popularity. Heck, who wouldn’t prefer a short bike commute where you don’t show up totally sweaty. When it comes to eBikes it is usually a battle over specs, price, weight, distance, size, etc… Trying to check every box is quite difficult. The folks at ElectroBike are shooting for size and weight as the two most important items.


The ElectroBike Air-33 comes in two models with the main difference being the battery capacity:

  • Air-33 – 36V, 8Ah lithium-ion battery. 25-mile range
  • Air 33 Plus – 36V, 10Ah Panasonic lithium-ion battery. 35-mile range

Both models have a battery pack that hides inside the bikes frame. The battery is removable which means you can swap out fresh batteries while stale ones recahrge. Range depends on which of the three modes you use; unassisted (pedal power only), hybrid mode (gentle electric assistance when pedaling), and full electric mode.


Riders are able to keep track of their speed and battery charge using a compact unit on the left of the handlebars that also allows riders are able to switch through six different levels of pedal assistance, and there’s a small throttle for pedal-free electric riding alongside the seven-speed shifter on the right-hand grip.

When it comes time to pack the bike up, it folds in the middle of the frame. ElectroBike says it’s just a two-step process – unhooking the middle of the frame, and then folding the handlebar stem. It looks dead simple in the video, and roughly halves the length and height of the bike, making it easy to cart up stairs and on public transport.




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