Shift Drone

Posted on Oct 27 2016 - 9:56am by Adam E


Another day, another drone (quadcopter technically). This latest attempt to join the remote control quadcopter game is from a new group and is currently living on Kickstarter.Shift Drone ($790 pre-order at Kickstarter)


The  takes a new approach to the game with an interesting control system. Flying is done with a stick shaped box and a special ring worn on your thumb. The ring is made to float above the sensors on top of the stick. Move your thumb in the direction you want to fly.

The camera is a 13-megapixel/4K feeds real-time video to your smartphone if you get the option extension.

A few thoughts come to mind;

  • Looks cool, curious how it will handle a crash.
  • The propellers look suspiciously small for the size of the craft, time will tell.
  • I think it is harder than folks think to create a new autonomous helicopter, DJI has made many mistakes to get where they are today.


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