Amsterdam Startup Incubator Built With Shipping Containers

Posted on May 17 2018 - 9:41am by Robby S.


Amsterdam has turned an underused portion of their Science Park and converted it into a startup incubator called Startup Village. I like the idea of repurposing old shipping containers into houses, garages, storage units, etc… Better than going straight to the scrap yard.

The Startup Village (a bit apocalypse looking) was designed by Dutch architect Julius Taminiau. One big consideration with this shipping container startup village is that it was designed to be temporary. They wanted to be able to pack it up after a handful of years.

The middle of this container village is a communal outdoor area for events. The containers are insulated, lockable, include windows and doors, and have infrared heating for cold winters.

startup-village-1  startup-village-4 startup-village-6 startup-village-7 startup-village-11 startup-village-14

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