VW ID. BUGGY Electric Dune Buggy Concept

Posted on Mar 8 2019 - 9:06am by drakaal

Volkswagen - Autosalon Genf 2019

Apparently Tesla put the entrenched car makers on notice and they all woke up from a deep slumber. Now, just about every car manufacturer is working on an EV. In Volkswagen’s case they are working on quite a few.  Most will be… boring. This one, however, isn’t boring at all and is dubbed the ID. BUGGY.

This electric VW dune buggy will be based on their new modular electric vehicle platform called MEB. This electric buggy is inspired by the VW-powered buggies of the 60’s and 80’s. The ID. BUGGY will be a rear wheel drive with a 62 KwH battery with a 155 mile range. More pictures of this electric VW buggy after the break.

VW ID Electric Buggy 1 VW ID Electric Buggy 2  VW ID Electric Buggy 4 VW ID Electric Buggy 5 VW ID Electric Buggy 6 VW ID Electric Buggy 7 vw-dune-buggy-top

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