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Why? Why not I suppose. This colorful toilet paper dispenser will add a bit of color and nostalgia to your bathroom. Not only will it dispense your favorite brand of toilet paper, but it also does double duty as a shelf for your phone. You really shouldn’t bring your phone to the bathroom though. I’m just sayin. Get your Rubik’s Cube Toilet Paper Dispenser here. ...

Posted on Mar 20 2020 - 11:10am by Russ


As my entire state of California is on lockdown for this Coronavirus we are forced to be more creative with this social distancing bit. Did I mention I despise the term “social distancing”. Anywho… read on for some of my favorite creative takes from around the world of people dealing with Covid-19. (more…)

Posted on Mar 3 2020 - 6:52am by Ty G

The most useful piece of apparel ever invented and rarely appreciated – the fanny pack. Mix this batman worthy bit of utility with Danny DeVito’s good looks and you have this piece of sexy pictured above. Yours for just $35 from the Cryptic Closet. Think of all the gadgets you could stuff inside of Danny DeVito’s face! ...

Posted on Feb 11 2020 - 8:36pm by Steve M

Rubber Prop Cast Iron Frying Pan

Yep, it looks like a heavy cast iron frying pan but it isn’t. It is a rubber prop that weighs just 8-ounces. Not sure why I just bought this. Oh well. Get yours here.

This product caught my eye because of the neat/silliness of it all and the amazingly bad English. Whether you drive for Uber/Lyft or just want to pimp the interior of your car this one is worth a look. You simply plug in this LED car projector, place it somewhere near the center of your car (they recommend the armrest), and let the party begin. Now on to the best part… the English marketing copy. Here are a few of my favorites; gorgeous...

Peugeot Paris Prestige 1987 Iconic Black Pepper Mill

Time to step up your pepper-game! The Peugeot Paris Prestige 1987 Iconic Black 110 Cm Pepper Mill is huge. It weighs in at 16.53-pounds and is 43-inches long. Still not impressed? It can hold 1/3 of a pound of peppercorns. Nothing to sneeze at! I saved the best for last, it only costs $1,250. Bargain.


Aston Martin Brough Superior AMB 001 Motorcycle Right Side

What the heck is going on? Aston Martin teamed up with Brough Superior to make a motorcycle? Harley Davidson is making e-bikes? Time to short some stocks. Read on for a bit more on this craziness. (more…)

The Russian’s don’t have much luck when it comes to using nuclear power/weapons. Think Chernobyl, Mayak, and Kyshtym. Well, it doesn’t stop there. This week they were testing a liquid-propelled rocket near Nyonoksa when there was an explosion that killed two people and injured at least six more. Shortly after this explosion, there was a spike in radiation levels at over 20x above average. Time to buy some iodine. [

Ring Doorbell Sucks

I am a huge fan of the Nest line of cameras – the Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam Indoor (just buy the outdoor version), and the Nest Hello Doorbell. With that said, I will toss them all in the trash if the Google/Nest decide to follow Amazon’s (Ring) level of creepiness with regards to sharing camera data.

Let me back up a bit. If you haven’t read the news about Amazon’s Ring camera creepiness, read on. (more…)

Looking for that white elephant gift or just want some awsome-in-a-can? Enter the Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink ($4 per 12-ounce can). Each can of Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink is 12-ounces of a mixed berry flavor that includes ginseng, guarana, B Vitamins, and 100mg of caffeine. Go ahead, get your credit card out and head here for a 12-pack of awesome. ...