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Retevis RT45 Backlit LCD

Haven’t heard of Retevis? Give it time, you will. Retevis is making quite a name for themselves stateside with their high quality and low priced line of radios. They have everything from low to high-end radios from 0.5-watts up to a full 10-watts! On to the Retevis RT45 FRS/GMRS review. (more…)

I was recently looking for a good portable percussion massager for sports therapy. I kept landing on the Theravolt massager but couldn’t quite stomach the $350 price tag. I eventually found the Phoenix version of a portable percussion massager and bought it. The Phoenix massager is pretty...

Sure, technically it is a “coin purse” that has a couple of snaps so you can clip it on to your backpack or belt. But the EASYANT Coin Purse ($39) is also a “skull thumper” or self defense weapon similar to the old soap in the sock trick. You get the idea. ...

If you have ever needed a soldering iron while out in the field, away from wall power, you typically had to suffer with a subpar iron. For example, I used to carry the Weller P2KC which is a butane powered soldering iron. It is decent and has served me well. But I have found something better. The

Ever been stuck in the dark with a dead flashlight? I have. What I do recall is having every size and style of battery but the one that the flashlight needed.  Panasonic has a new flashlight that will make it almost impossible to be without the right battery. The “Panasonic Any Battery Light will run on any combination of D, C, AA, or AAA.  You can fill the Any Battery Light with batteries or run it on just one AAA.  Pretty...

Logitech has released a new mouse, the MX Vertical Mouse, in an effort to improve mousing ergonomics. The Logitech MX Vertical Mouse ($100) utilizes a natural handshake position at a 57-degree vertical angle. This angle should reduce wrist pressure and forearm strain. The surface is made of a textured rubber surface for tactile grip. Cursor speed is adjustable on-the-fly and a 4,000 DPI sensor lowers hand movement by up to 4x. Battery life should last a few...

Medieval Skull With Horns Mug 1

If you need to make a statement at work, or your next party, this is the mug that says IDGAF. Remember the Office Space movie where the fed up dude cleans a fish at his desk? Well this mug isn’t that gangsta but it certainly sends a message.  Here is the fish cleaning scene for reference.

This Medieval Mug is 5.11 inches tall and 7.48 inches wide and can hold 450 Ml (15 Oz). It is made of food grade stainless steel and resin. It doesn’t matter if you are drinking coffee or beer out if this bad boy, it certainly will trump (ouch, no pun intended) the other mugs in the room. Yours for just $23 here. (more…)

Posted on Jun 27 2018 - 8:53am by Ty G

Tanita ES-100 Odor Detector

Hotter weather and longer days might outlast your armpit deodorant. Some say it is difficult to detect you own stink, why gamble. Enter this Japanese gadget from Tanita. This electric nose is basically a handheld body odor detector.

The Tanita ES-100 has a flip-out arm that you hold near the suspected odor. In just 10-seconds the ES-100 rates your odor on a scale of 1-10, 10 is bad. The Tanita ES-100 odor detector should be available July 1st for around $40.

Tanita ES-100 Odor Detector 2

This inexpensive lighter uses a rechargeable battery instead of fuel and a spark instead of a flame. The Tacklife ELY01 will work about 1000 times before needing a recharge and can be charged about 500 times. In other words, it should last a very long time before needing to be retired. The head on Tacklife ELY01 Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighter ($17) is flexible for those tough to reach ignition spots (think bbq grills, gas fireplaces, etc..). Also good...

Wireless LED Endoscope Snake Light Camera 1

Before you swipe on by and ignore this little gadget, think of all of the times you could have used something like this in the past. Ever lost something in the drain, had to look in a tight spot that like an engine, ever wondered how clean or dirty your clothes dryer vent is…? There are a ton of uses for this inexpensive wireless LED endoscope.

For just $20-$30 you can have your very own 720p camera with built-in LED lighting at the end of a 5-meter semi-rigid cable. I know, it doesn’t sound that exciting… until you need just this tool (and don’t have it). In my best infomercial voice “but wait… there’s more… if you order now you also get the following attachments… a hook, a magnet, and an angled mirror!”.

The wireless endoscope works with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. (more…)