4 Inexpensive Ways To Spy On Anyone

Posted on Feb 21 2008 - 7:57pm by Russ


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Since the mid 80’s I have been tinkering with spy gear. I would use, unknowing, family and friends as victims for spy gear testing. I spied on my older brother, my parents, my friends, etc… Most who know of my obsession say I should go into business testing and selling spy products. For now… I will just continue to play.

Below you will find 4 relatively simple ways to spy on your friends, parents, siblings, neighbors, anyone!


1. Hidden wireless camera: There are many options when it comes to wireless cameras. I prefer using items that are powered off of the wall outlet, like an alarm clock. This way you never have to worry about the spy camera losing power or replacing batteries. The problem with this is obvious… you can’t just switch someones alarm clock without them knowing. That brings me to battery operated wireless cameras. There are many options from wall clocks to pinhole cameras, my favorite however is the wireless cellphone camera. I like this type of wireless battery operated camera for a couple of reasons – cell phones are everywhere these days. The unit is virtually the same as a normal cell phone so if it is found it doesn’t tend to raise suspicion.

KeyLogger2. Keyboard key logger: A very simple and easy to install tool. I am not going to discuss the software products like SpectorSoft’s eBlaster or Spector Pro. Their software works well, and may do the trick for you, but I am keeping this discussion to hardware. My main reason is that it is quicker and easier to plug in a device than to load software on someones computer. The hardware keyloggers are great and do their job well. They will only be undetectable (for the most part, someone could technically look behind their computer and see the device) on desktop computers. Laptops will not work for the obvious reasons. Basically you plug the unit in… let it grab every keystroke… including websites, emails, user names, and passwords. At a later time, you retrieve the unit and see every keystroke that was typed.


3. Audio bug and digital recorder: Walking into a room… hiding an inexpensive audio recorder… and leaving is almost too easy. I recommend buying units that have the option of “voice activated recording” so that you don’t have to listen to hours of dead noise. Also, I would look for a unit that records onto flash memory as opposed to magnetic tape. This makes it easier to transfer the files to your computer, email them, run software on them, etc… The other route, which will still require a recording device, is that of an audio bug. There are several variations of wired and wireless bugs. The price of wireless audio bugs are so cheap that I recommend gong wireless for most situations. I tend to stay away from wireless bugs that use the FM (radio) frequency band. The last thing you want is for someone listening to the radio to pick up on the audio transmission. Use another frequency spectrum.

GPSTracking4. GPS tracking device: There are two main ways of using GPS tracking, real time and passive. Real time tracking is by far the most expensive and requires a monthly fee to keep it active and useful. For the purpose of saving money, we will only discuss the passive method of GPS tracking. A passive GPS tracker is one that you physically need to recover from the vehicle to get at the data. For example… if you place the tracker on your friends car… you will have to wait until they come back… then take the device off of the car and plug it into your computer… now you know where they have been.

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