Red5 Spy Hawk Remote Control Spy Plane

Posted on Jul 15 2012 - 8:26pm by Robby S.

Red5 Spy Hawk

Technology is making it easier for folks to put remote control planes and remote control helicopters in the are with decent video recording cameras.  The Red5 Spy Hawk ($389) takes a pretty simple 3 channel remote control plane and outfits it with 5 megapixel video camera, a wireless transmitter (for audio and video), and a built-in autopilot feature with gyro stabilization.  The best part is that the controller has a 3.5-inch screen so you can see what the camera is shooting in real time.

The plane has a range of 600-meters and comes with a 4GBSD card for recording the audio and video you shoot.  You should be able to stay in the air for about 15 minutes on a single charge of the 7.4v lithium ion battery.

Intelligent automatic control and video signal binding enables you to fly more than one Spy Hawk glider at the same time, so you can chase your friends around with full high quality video and sound. Press the enter button on your rubberized plastic remote and the camera will start to record your progress through the sky and save the video to the built in 4GB SD card. It even features a sunlight screen guard that can be attached to the remote enabling you to watch the video feed when the weather is sunny.

Video of the Red5 Spy Hawk remote control spy plane after the break.

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