Make Hitching Your Trailer Easy And Fast With Swift Hitch

Posted on Feb 24 2009 - 9:35am by Russ


Anyone who has had to hook a trailer up to a tow vehicle knows how tough it can be to line up the ball hitch to the trailer hitch.  You might think that having your friend standing by the trailer guiding you would make things easier… but this is usually not the case.  (In fact I have damaged a trailer with a little help from my friends)

Check out the Swift Hitch color wireless rear camera. You simply stick the wireless magnetic camera on you tailgate… and hold the wireless receiver with you in the cab while backing up.  The unit also has built in night vision… simply genius… and a great gift idea for anyone who has to haul boats, trailers, RV’s, etc…  Read on for more pictures, video, and where to buy.

Super gift idea for only $289 here.

Swift Hitch Wireless Backup Camera

  • Includes a weatherproof cover, pouches and charging cable with one Li-battery
  • Features easy-to-use single hand operation
  • Quickly hitch up any trailer, camper or snow plow
  • Comes with 380TV lines for clear picture quality
  • Helps mount a magnetic camera to your tailgate


Swift Hitch Camera

Wireless Trailer Camera

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