Europe pushes greener gadget power

Posted on Apr 6 2009 - 2:31pm by Craig


On April 6th, in a shocking move *rolleyes*, the clearly bored out of its freaking mind the European Commission agreed on more “green”regulations, this time for external power cords and supplies, specifically regulating the amount of energy wasted by “excess heat”. Surprisingly the laws of physics governing heat dissipation and inefficiencies associated with it are not bending to the mighty EC, so the cost of greenifying the powwah falls on the underregulated, undertaxed, and apparently underscrewed manufacturing sector and consumer base. The new requirements expect changes to be made by 2011 dictating that power blocks convert energy in a more efficient way and dissipate less heat and junk. Umm yeah… The Big Question here is, will the Red China give a shit about Green Europe?

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