Jet Lag Medicine?

Posted on Oct 15 2009 - 2:32am by Robby S.

No Jet Lag Pills

I don't care what my mother-in-law says, jet lag is real.  I have been flying to and from Hong Kong over the last 1 1/2 and jet lag totally kicks my booty.  I got my hands on no-jet-lag from a friend and it seriously helped me on my last two trips.  Recommend it to anyone who is traveling long distances, and it is cheap.

Regimented diets, timed lighting, melatonin…How do YOU cope with jet lag?  Since 1990, thousands of long-distance travelers have depended successfully on No-Jet-Lag® to help them feel fresh on arrival. It’s a surprisingly effective, natural homeopathic product that addresses all the symptoms of jet lag, not just sleeplessness, and it’s made a lot of converts since we first began offering it. Each packet contains 32 pleasant-tasting, chewable tablets, sufficient for about 50 hours of flying time (good instructions included). It’s safe for all ages (does not react with any other medication), free from any side-effects, and guaranteed to help you cope with jet lag or your money back. Made in New Zealand


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