One Crazy Looking Bike – THEKPV – The Hybrid Electric Kinetic Photovoltaic Vehicle

Posted on Oct 29 2010 - 10:41am by gchoe


This crazy looking little hybrid electric bycicle has some serious tech behind it and really scoots along.  Read on for full details and video.


THEKPV is built upon the latest hybrid electric vehicle concepts in that it can harness energy from several renewable sources, it can convert alternating current and solar radiation into direct current electricity on demand. This prototype vehicle will feature two options for re-charging the high energy density LiFePO4, +90% efficient main battery pack. One option will be easily connecting to mains electricity via the onboard charger or alternatively be emissions free by selecting the vehicle integrated solar array. THEKPV is designed with extended range functionality by including two additional electrical energy storage packs, four A123 Systems 26650 cells, and four Maxwell Technologies® BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitors.

Thekpv gained momentum in the summer of two thousand-eight by a fellow with the name Terry Hope. After approximately a thousand hours of e-bike research & development his personal micro mobility electric vehicle concept materialized with four goals:

1 -Engineer a electrical circuit with an mechanical system to capture, store and harvest electrical power.
2 – Use alternative energies for a prototype electro-solar hybrid.
3 – Eliminate greenhouse gas emissions or carbon footprint by recharging the battery pack off-the-grid.
4 – Construct a vehicle with a small enough foot print to be stowed away inside a Samsonite suitcase for transport.

Harvested kinetic energy is converted to direct current and stored in a bank of ultracapacitors, the electricity can be quickly released via the propulsion booster switch. Motion is captured by an extra sprocket mounted on the opposite side of the rear wheel to the electric motor, using five gears engineered to rotate a set of very small 3-phase alternators designed with multi-pole configuration to reduce cogging torque. Each of these alternators convert alternating current to direct current with 74% efficiency. The regen device frame structure is hand built out of polycarbonate. Usually electric vehicles or electric bikes or scooters equipped with regenerative capability utilize a type of controller that can switch the motor or hub motor into a generator only during braking events. THEKPV genset is a variable power source precision tuned during acceleration, coasting, and braking events. A similar technology called KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) was used in 2009 F1 racing season, except that formula 1 utilizes a flywheel design from a collaboration of italian electronics specialist Magneti Marelli, and british flywheel specialists Flybrid Systems.
Designed with a onboard photovoltaic array that is comprised of two groups of ultra high power mono crystalline solar cells. The first group is engineered as aerodynamic body panels which improve drag coefficiencies, and the second solar group is deployed when complete off the grid battery charging is required. Vehicle integrated photovoltaic power is efficiently utilized by providing alternative power direct to the motor, for electronics, and to charge up an additional onboard battery pack. This system provides THEKPV not with just one, but two propulsion booster switches.

Bike Specifications:

Weight "“ 44LBS (50LBS with solar array)
Main Power "“ 396Wh Battery (LiFePO4)
Booster Power "“ 28Wh Battery
Another Booster "“ 10.8V Super Capacitor Bank
Recharge Time "“ 15-45 Minutes
Battery Life "“ 10,000 Recharge Cycles
Range "“ ???
Top Speed "“ ???



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