TGMY Himiko Electric Car

Posted on Feb 2 2011 - 9:06am by Russ

TGMY Himiko

TGMY, a Japanese company, has been tinkering with electric cars for over 13 years.  TGMY's latest electric car, the Himiko, starts off as a Mazda NC MX5, but ends up looking like a classic roadster, sorta. 

After removing the Mazda motor, TGMY puts 168 Lithium batteries and electronic gadgetry under the hood.  The car will go about 341 miles per charge.

The TGMY Himiko should be available by Q4 of 2011 with an unknown price.  Currently the cars are handmade in Japan so I'm guessing they will be expensive.  More pictures of the Himiko after the break.

TGMY Himiko Himiko Electric Car Himiko

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