Eviltron Prank

Posted on Dec 26 2011 - 10:31am by Russ

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I love pranks.  I have been playing pranks on "?”friends" for many years.  Some are low-tech (shrink wrapping the toilet) and some are high-tech like the Eviltron.  The Eviltron is basically a tiny speaker gadget with a magnet on the bottom.  Hide it in a car or under the couch and drive your target crazy.  The Eviltron has six creepy sounds choices and every so often it will play the sound, or you can put it on random (my favorite).  Because it only makes noise every few minutes it is very difficult to locate.  In fact I recently had a friend beg me to show me where I hid the Eviltron as it was driving him crazy.  Good fun and inexpensive at just $33 for a assorted 3-pack.

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