a-JAYS Four Earbuds For iPhone Review

Posted on Oct 26 2012 - 7:51am by Craig

a-JAYS Four

We first heard about the a-JAYS Four iPhone Earbuds back in June.  Well I finally got my hands ears on a pair of the a-JAYS Four earbuds about a month ago.  The first thing I noticed after opening the cool packaging is the sleek simple look of the headphones.  I personally think some of the other manufactures have become a little too flashy when it comes to style.  The a-JAYS Four are a rubberized matte black with a silver backing which is not plain or boring, but also not too flashy.  Continue reading for the full a-JAYS Four Review.

a-JAYS Four Packaging

After breaking them in, I started to try to find the right rubber fittings that best fit me.  There are five pairs of silicone sleeves included for just about any ear size.  I made the mistake of going too small at first.  These are not made to fit too far down the ear canal.  If you go too far, you will notice that the back of the earbud will start to rub the back of your ear after a short period of time.  Once I went one size up, I had no issues.

The flat tangle-free cables are a little heavy (compared to stock iPhone cables) but makes it nice not to have to deal with tangles while on the run.  They a-JAYS Four are well built and feel quite sturdy.  I have had issues with other models where the cables start coming apart after a few months of use.  I used the a-JAYS Fours with my i-Phone 4s and kept my phone in my pocket while listening to music.  The sound quality is a lot better then the standard sets that come with the phone.  There are high end earbuds that I think have a deeper bass but they cost three times the amount of the a-JAYS Four or require additional battery power. 

a-JAYS Four

The L shaped plug probably works well for some applications but I didn’t like using it with my phone in my pocket.  It seemed to get caught on the inside of my pocket more then the standard plug, but will most likely last longer because I can't bend it while in my pocket.  The microphone and volume controls are in a good location and work well.  Overall the a-JAYS Four are a good option if you want to upgrade your standard earbuds.  You get upgraded options like the tangle-free cables, great controls, better sound quality and a price ($55) that won’t break the bank.

a-JAYS Four Review

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