Donky Bike

Posted on Nov 9 2012 - 8:27am by Lisa C.


Finally a work horse donky of a bike that is well built and will be with you till the end.  The Donky Bike did a bunch of things right, first of all they moved the load carrying point off of the handlebars and put it on the frame.  Sounds obvious, but for some reason most bikes with a front cargo point mount it on the handlebars which makes for a scary ride.  Second, they kept it simple and clean but didn't strip all of the features away.  You get 20-inch BMX style tires, a single piece crank, a sturdy kickstand, good brakes, a Shimano 3-speed system, and an integrated lock on the rear wheel.  Get your Donky Cargo Bike here for about $800.  And yes, we all know Donkey is misspelled, no need to remind us.

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