Zipbuds Tangle-Free Juiced Earphones

Posted on Mar 18 2013 - 8:32am by Craig

Zipbuds Juiced Earphones

Tangled-up earbuds are a common problem.  Zipbuds aren't the first to try and make tangle-free earbuds, remember the CordCruncher or the a-JAYS Four?  The main difference with the Zipbuds Tangle-Free Earphones is the zippered approach.  Most of the earphones cord is embedded into a zipper.  Clever and pretty cool.

The cables are made of military grade Aramid for strength, this cabling runs up the "vertebrae" of the zipper.  While I can't speak to the sound quality, haven't actually plugged them in yet, they look great and don't tangle.  A cheesy promo video after the break.


Zipbuds Earphones

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