Xbox One Lets Users Play During Game Download

Posted on Jul 16 2013 - 9:46am by Gadget King
Xbox One
Back when Microsoft had unveiled the Xbox One in May, it said that all disc based games must be installed to the console's hard drive. They said that users would be able to play games as they were being installed. It was not made clear back then whether this would apply to games downloaded through Xbox Live. Microsoft has now confirmed to Polygon that even as a game is being downloaded, users will be able to play it after it has partially been downloaded to the console's hard drive.
Sony has already confirmed last week that PlayStation 4 will allow users to play a game after a certain portion of it has been downloaded. Just like it is on the Xbox One, PS4 owners will also be able to play disc based games while they install to the hard drive in the background. There has been overwhelming demand for both consoles, pre-orders with launch day guarantee have sold out at most major retailers. Microsoft hasn't said exactly when it would release the Xbox One, though it is believed that both consoles will be made available around the holiday season.

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