Manliest Baby Stroller

Posted on Jul 31 2013 - 9:29am by Craig


Some guys apparently feel less manly when pushing their children around in baby strollers.  Not sure why.  Yes, strollers tend to be dainty and not exactly tough looking, but they aren't made to look cool, they are functional.  Like a Toyota Prius?  And besides, you shouldn't have to prove your manliness, you made a baby after all.

The Czech automaker Skoda disagrees after doing a survey of 1,000 British dads.  The results found that more than three-quarters of dads would spend more time pushing their kids around if they had a manlier baby stroller.  So, Skoda did something about it by building the VRS Mega Man-Pram baby stroller.  The Skoda baby stroller comes with 20-inch wheels, hydraulic suspension, mirrors, oversized brake calipers, brake lights, and a headlamp.  Watch the cool Skoda Octavia vRS video featuring the stroller after the break.

Skoda Manly Baby Stroller

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