GoPro Karma Drone Changes The Game

Posted on Sep 19 2016 - 10:46am by Russ

GoPro has had a tough year, or two, as more and more competitors have been coming out with solid action cameras. Things look to have just turned around for GoPro. It looks like they have been quietly working hard on their latest GoPro 5 camera and an entirely new Drone dubbed the Karma.

When I saw that GoPro was getting into the “drone” business my first reaction was “not another drone”. After lifting the covers, I am quite impressed. It looks like GoPro did their homework, took their time, and are launching a seriously solid quadcopter. Time will tell how it plays out. With that said, I am taking the plunge and I am selling my DJI Phanton 4 and getting in line for the GoPro Karma ($799) (available Oct 23rd).

A few things that make the GoPro Karma Drone “special”;

  • It comes with a handheld gimbal, the Karma Grip. This is a nice addition and makes the camera more useful when not flying. I like that they didn’t skimp and that they are offering this with the Karma.
  • Ultra Compact – The quadcopter folds up, includes a backpack case that hods everything, and is lightweight.
  • Flight characteristics – Easy to fly for new pilots and great performance for professional fliers.
  • GoPro Passenger – One thing that inevitably happens when I am flying my Phantoms is that people want to see my screen for an aerial view. Not always convenient for the pilot, aka me. With GoPo Passenger you can hand off the birds eye view to another smartphone or tablet and even let them control the camera.
  • Game-style controller with large screen.



GoPro Karma Drone



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