The Elephant Steady Is A iPhone Video Stabilizer

Posted on Jul 18 2014 - 10:37am by Russ

Elephant Steady For iPhone

Another day, another stabilized video option for your iPhone. There are passive stabilizers that use balanced weighting, 3-axis stabilizers that use brushless motors, and now an iPhone stabilizer that uses the phones gyro to stay level.

This stabilizer which currently lives on KickStarter is from a Japanese company, Adplus, and is named the Elephant Steady. Read on for details about this innovative approach to smoothing out your iPhone videos.

The Elephant Steady uses the iPhone’s gyroscope and processor as the brains for the stabilization. This information is processed via the free app and uses the audio jack to communicate with the stabilizing motors. This approach allows Adplus to manufacture the Elephant Steady at a chapter price than other competitors ($79-$99).

While specifications are light at the moment it appears that the stabilization is only for tilt and roll movements.  Not 3-axis like the Feiyu G3 Steadycam Handheld Gimbal system (which we aren’t recommending due to poor user reviews).

Adplus is currently raising funds for production of the Elephant Steady via KickStarter.  Get on the list now for just $79 here.

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