Aeon GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer

Posted on Oct 1 2015 - 10:06am by Adam E

Aeon GoPro Stabilizer 3-axis gimbal

The Aeon GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer (currently $320 on IndieGoGo) isn’t the first GoPro gimbal stabilizer on the market. There are plenty already in the market like the BeStable SteadyGim3 ($319), Feiyu G3 ($220),  Feiyu G4 ($250), and the SCG Glide Gear Scopio ($229). So why a fundraiser campaign for another 3-axis GoPro? Well it looks pretty cool, has a round shaped LCD screen, a thumb activated joystick, and a GoPro accessory mount.

Aeon GoPro Gimbal

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