Shift Bitcoin Debit Visa Card

Posted on Nov 28 2015 - 10:08pm by Adam E

Shift Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitcoin is pretty awesome. It is the closest thing to an anonymous currency that isn’t cash. Well, I think it is better than cash because our government, via the US treasury, can’t print more. In other words, no forced inflation. I guess it is closer to a digital version of physical gold than it is to the devaluing US dollar. If you aren’t too familiar with Bitcoin you can get some schooling here.

With all of the good parts of Bitcoin there is one solid complaint that is tough to spend it in real world situations. Well that just changed with the Shift Bitcoin Debit Card (basically a Bitcoin credit card). This card opens Bitcoin spending to over 38-million merchants worldwide and connects to Dwolla or Coinbase for immediate access to your Bitcoins. Genius! So you simply move your existing Bitcoins, or purchase them, to/through Coinbase and link it to your Shift Bitcoin Debit Card. This means you can turn your Bitcoins into cash via an ATM machine or buy a coffee at your local Peets Coffee.

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