Limited-Run Electric Classic Mini Cooper

Posted on Feb 14 2019 - 9:12am by Ty G

Swind E Classic Electric Mini Cooper

First off – I love the classic Mini Cooper (I own one that has been converted with a Honda motor, much faster and more reliable), I also love electric cars (I own a Tesla). So, you would think that a classic Mini Cooper that has been electrified would have me excited. Well… it did… until I read the specs. Read on for this abomination. 

This limited, 100 vehicle, production car is called the Swind E Classic Mini (as in swindled?) and it was shown at the London Classic Car Show.

This little beauty is already for sale in the UK for $25K $50k $75k $101,788k! Seriously?! It gets better. The car has a tiny 24 kWh battery (not surprised as their isn’t much room for batteries) with an equally tiny range of 124 miles. As if that wasn’t enough to have you shaking your head, the car takes 9.2 seconds to get from 0-62 miles per hour.

The Swind E Classic Mini is a cool idea but I have serious doubts about its success.

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