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As air quality on the west coast has gone to complete $#!% with all of the fires, it has made daily life a bit more challenging, to say the least. As if this Covid-19 stuff wasn’t enough. For folks without air conditioning, they have been trapped inside with the windows closed. The unseasonably hot weather and pollution have made for quite uncomfortable and potentially unsafe conditions.

This has gotten me going down the path of researching air quality monitors. I have spent days researching and there are too many variables (VOC, PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, CO2, portable, home units, etc…) to do a fair apples-to-apples comparison. With that said, here are my favorite units based on the following categories – portable, Homekit enabled, and feature set. Read on for the results.


DJI is often called the “Apple” of the drone world. They do make good quadcopters. I try to avoid buying items made in China (not easy and I am nowhere near 100%… not even close, yet) for many reasons. Too many reasons to list here. With that said, I do have a DJI Mavic Mini and it is a great little product. However, it appears they have stepped on a technology patent owned by Autel...

Another one for the Porsche lovers out there, especially those with $11,120 in their pocket. The Super Veloce RS Black Edition Espresso Machine pays homage to the Porsche 993 flat-six engine. It does this while making espresso – really, it makes espresso. Some features to take note of, there will only be 993 of these manufactured, they have surgical grade stainless steel, aluminum, titanium,...

Stealth Core Trainer Plankster

Imagine that, someone figured out how to take the tedium out of core training by adding a bit of gaming and balance. It definitely looks like one of those “as seen on tv” type health gadgets, but the reviews are really positive. Check out the Stealth Core Trainer Plankster ($139). Video of this gadget in action after the break. (more…)

If you spend much time working in Photoshop and use macros to do repetitive tasks you might want to check out this custom keyboard. This keypad is designed specifically for Photoshop and will speed up your work. Some things you can do with this Photoshop keyboard include; Adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color balance, opacity, and scaling with the turn of a knob Resize brush, eraser,...

Nostalgia Red 4 hot dog cooker

A complicated meal for lunch or dinner not in the cards? Pop 4 hot dogs and buns in the Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster ($29) and you are ready to eat in just a few minutes. Where was this when I was a kid? (more…)

Love Porsche’s and looking for that ultimate conversation starter for your office? Get your wallet ready. This 1:3 scale Porsche engine is of the 547 4-cylinder variety – a legendary racing engine of yesteryear. Once you have traded many hours and $300 you can have your very own working flat-4 horizontally opposed engine. Parts of this Porche...

Nest is down again

Let me start by saying that I have referred several people to the Nest products. When they are working, they are great. The last few months Nest has been down too many times for my taste. In other words – Nest has been shit lately.

I can’t access cameras, thermostats via the web or app. I pay a service fee every month and I don’t get a month’s worth of service lately. Not cool. I spend more time on this page checking to see if the unreliable Nest services are working or if it is something else. The only thing keeping me from jumping ship and heading to Wyze is that Wyze doesn’t offer 24/7 recording as of yet (or an outdoor camera). The closest thing is Wyze’s “Complete Motion Capture” which is better than the crappy 12-second clips but still not good enough for real-world security.

Nest Status


Yep, it is finally here, the Godzilla Humidifier. Godzilla emits a steamy breath that is lit with LED’s in his mouth. When you turn on the power button the same music from the movie starts playing the tune when Godzilla appears on screen. There are other sound effects like a roar. Video of the Godzilla humidifier after the break. (more…)

Posted on Feb 28 2020 - 9:35am by Steve M

Not that hiding a tiny Micro SD card should be that difficult, but if you really want to take your hiding game to the next level – you need a Covert Coin ($25). The Covert Coin is precision machined from a real coin, in this case, a US quarter. Each coin is shipped with an opening device. The coin is almost impossible to open without said tool. ...