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This product caught my eye because of the neat/silliness of it all and the amazingly bad English. Whether you drive for Uber/Lyft or just want to pimp the interior of your car this one is worth a look. You simply plug in this LED car projector, place it somewhere near the center of your car (they recommend the armrest), and let the party begin. Now on to the best part… the English marketing copy. Here are a few of my favorites; gorgeous...

For most, this post will not apply. For those with trucks and trailers – this is a game-changer. Gone are the days of having to hardwire a clunky brake controller inside of your tow vehicle. The Curt 51180 Echo plugs into your standard 7-way connector and communicates with your smartphone via an app. From the Curt Echo app, you can control brake sensitivity, braking power, and store several profiles. This setup becomes super powerful for...

Normally I prefer roasting or BBQing outdoors, but this is definitely an exception because s’mores smell so damn good. The Nostalgia SMM200 Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S’more Maker ($30) is perfect for some indoor s’more cooking. Also, with the cold weather of late this may be my only option if I want some of these tasty goodies.   ...

Posted on Dec 3 2019 - 8:43am by Lisa C.

Jomst heated socks

Cold weather is upon us in a big way this year and right in time for the holidays. Let this be the answer to the “what do I buy X this year” question. These heated socks use a fiber heating element to warm the toes and instep. Perfect for outdoor activities or lounging on the couch. The Jomst Heated Socks ($58) include a pair of 3.7V 2200mAh rechargeable batteries and they heat for 4-10 hours depending on the heat level.

This gadget came to mind because of the upcoming holidays. There are always too many devices looking for a charge when folks visit for the holidays and not enough charge cable. This 6-Device Charging Station (with cables) should solve the problem and is also a great gift for others. You get 6 USB ports, 4 lighting cables, 1 microUSB cable, 1 USB type C cable, and even a removable Apple Watch holder for charging. Pretty slick. All this for

Imagine being able to personalize almost anything with your own custom artwork via a laser engraver. Imagine no more, this technology has gotten much cheaper and easier to use. While the product name leaves a bit to be desired, LaserPecker, it seems to genuinely work well. This portable little laser etcher can be taken just about anywhere as it can run off of standard USB power. You can even power it off a battery power bank and take your etching...

Fizzics DraftPour

What is this bit of beer magic? It is the Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser ($125). This beer gadget turns your existing mediocre beer into a nitro-like draft beer with ‘Micro-Foam’ technology. It runs off of USB power or two AA batteries. Imagine being able to take a Budweiser beer and add some nitro-style micro-foam. Pretty cool.

ReadyMan Survival Total Surival Kit

This is the perfect gift for the person who likes to have their car, go-bag, or in this case wallet loaded with useful items for just about any circumstance. This is a 4-pack of useful ReadyMan Survival Cards, aka Total Survival Set ($52).

This 4- pack includes the hostage escape card, fisherman/survival card, wilderness/survival card, and the medical card. These cards are made in the USA of 301 stainless steel and measure 3.5″ x 2″ and weigh between 10 to 12 grams. Read on for what is included in each survival card. (more…)


Imagine that, China selling anything to make a buck. In this case, China is selling fully autonomous weaponized drones to the Middle East. These drones, including the Blowfish A3, are capable of conducting swarm style lethal-attacks on targets.

These drones are made by Zhuhai Ziyan of Guangdong, check them out in the video after the break. (more…)

Imagine a drone that isn’t much bigger than your cellphone. Imagine a drone that weighs just 0.55-lbs and can shoot 2.7k video (at 30fps). Still not impressed? How about a 30 minute flight time, 3- axis gimbal, stabilized camera, and a 2.5-mile range. This is the DJI Mavic Mini. Pretty awesome for such a pocket-sized drone. My favorite part, other than the battery life and range, is the fact that it is small/light enough to dodge the silly...