If you spend much time working in Photoshop and use macros to do repetitive tasks you might want to check out this custom keyboard. This keypad is designed specifically for Photoshop and will speed up your work. Some things you can do with this Photoshop keyboard include; Adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color balance, opacity, and scaling with the turn of a knob Resize brush, eraser,...

Nostalgia Red 4 hot dog cooker

A complicated meal for lunch or dinner not in the cards? Pop 4 hot dogs and buns in the Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster ($29) and you are ready to eat in just a few minutes. Where was this when I was a kid? (more…)

Covid Home Grocery Store

Current times certainly are unusual and tough for many people. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on daily routines, you just have to be creative. Have a watch of this super sweet family helping restore a bit of routine and normalcy while staying home. Video after the break. (more…)

2020 C8 Z51 vs Porsche 911 GT3
What would happen if you pit a ($188k) Porsche 911 GT3 RS against a much cheaper Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z51? I think the video speaks louder than words in this case. Check out this battle after the break. (more…)

Whether you have a thing for the “Apple aesthetic” or just want a hose that hides better on the side of your white house, this may be the hose set for you. This white hose kit (aptly named White Snake) comes with a white rack, white hose, white nozzle, and white carrying handle. All this goodness can be yours for $169 here.

Let me start off by saying that internal combustion outboard motors have way more power, but that isn’t the point with this one. The Evoy Pro is the equivalent to a 150-horsepower gasoline motor and runs at 90 kW nominal and 150 kW peak. This product is still evolving but looks promising for places where you need a quiet or less polluting solution. ...

Love Porsche’s and looking for that ultimate conversation starter for your office? Get your wallet ready. This 1:3 scale Porsche engine is of the 547 4-cylinder variety – a legendary racing engine of yesteryear. Once you have traded many hours and $300 you can have your very own working flat-4 horizontally opposed engine. Parts of this Porche...

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Uno Minamalista

My favorite game for rainy days – Uno – now has a new minimalist version that looks pretty slick. The new Uno card game is appropriately named Uno Minimalista. I have to give the folks at Uno props for constantly reinventing the game with so many different versions, which are listed below. (more…)

Nest is down again

Let me start by saying that I have referred several people to the Nest products. When they are working, they are great. The last few months Nest has been down too many times for my taste. In other words – Nest has been shit lately.

I can’t access cameras, thermostats via the web or app. I pay a service fee every month and I don’t get a month’s worth of service lately. Not cool. I spend more time on this page checking to see if the unreliable Nest services are working or if it is something else. The only thing keeping me from jumping ship and heading to Wyze is that Wyze doesn’t offer 24/7 recording as of yet (or an outdoor camera). The closest thing is Wyze’s “Complete Motion Capture” which is better than the crappy 12-second clips but still not good enough for real-world security.

Nest Status

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As my entire state of California is on lockdown for this Coronavirus we are forced to be more creative with this social distancing bit. Did I mention I despise the term “social distancing”. Anywho… read on for some of my favorite creative takes from around the world of people dealing with Covid-19. (more…)