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Tesla Autopilot Buddy

This magnetic gadget tricks the Tesla Autopilot system in to thinking that the driver has their hands on the wheel. Why would you want to do this? Well, the short answer is so that you can let the Tesla do the driving without having the autopilot system shutoff when your hands aren’t on the steering wheel. No need to over think this one, it is a bad idea. I hope this crafty inventor has a good legal team.

If you re still sold on this overpriced gadget ($199) head on over to the manufacturers website. Video of this device in action after the break. (more…)

This battery pack with wheels was built at a Swiss University and is dubbed the Ethec Electric Motorcycle. The looks, only a mother could love, are due to the large 1260-cell lithium ion battery pack which can be charged in just one hour. The Ethec Electric Motorcycle has a range of 250-miles and has a thermoelectrical cooling system for long battery life. The motorcycles frame is a a lightweight tubular system with a trapezoidal fork for increased stability. They also added a large 7-inch lcd dash to make Elon proud. ...

As much as I love riding motorcycles, I also enjoy hopping on a scooter from time-to-time. There is something about the simplicity of scooters – no gears, easy braking, and the uncomplicated dash. What could make a scooter better? Electricity of course. This modern take on the Vespa styling is from Bolt Mobility and is known as the AppScooter. Strange name. The all-electric AppScooter has an impressive range of 248 miles. The dash is a giant 7″ LCD touchscreen that integrates with an iPhone or Android phone. This screen offers...

Think of it as a new style of microwave, that doesn’t use microwaves at all. The Panasonic NG-G110P Flash Express Toaster Oven ($107) uses two infrared cooking lights. The main difference between traditional mini-ovens is that hit sone is up to 40% faster. At first glance it looks like a piece of lab equipment or an oscilloscope. Temperature settings from 250F-500F with a digital timer for up to 25 minutes. Interior dimensions will fit a 9-inch diameter pizza or four slices of bread. Toast, bake, brown and reheat up to 40% faster...

From the makers of the original arcade basketball shooting game comes the home version. The Pop-A-Shot allows head-to-head shooting competition. There are 10 different games and 6 audio options. The Home Dual Shot arcade basketball game features more games to choose from—a total of 10, from the classic 1-on-1 :30 game to longer direct competitions and individual skill challenges (skeet shooting and beat the clock). There are also 6 different audio options, including an announcer who calls the game (“That’s a 3!”; “En fuego!”),...

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Whether you like the fashion sense of the fanny pack wearer or not, you have to admit it is super-duper usefully. I argue, downright sexy. Anywho. Now take that utilitarian fanny pack and embed it on a pair of slides (sandals) and you have the Nike Benassi JDI Fanny Pack Slides. Available in black, black/pink, and green/blue. Great for lugging keys, drugs, money, and other small items. ...

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Kirkland Signature Triple Blade Razor

If you are a user of the Gillette Mach3 Razor Blades ($25 for 15 blades) you might want to check out Costco’s private branded Kirkland 3-blade razors ($20 for 14 blades and a handle).

Worth a shot anyways. The Kirkland Signature Triple Blade Razors come with a lubricating strip, 3 precision German blades, a flexible swivel head, and a chrome polished handle with non-slip grip.

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2019-yamaha-mxt850-NIKEN-1The Yamaha NIKEN is a head turner for sure. On one hand it looks like a big brother to the Piaggio MP3 scooter. Sorry Yamaha, you had to know that people would say that. However, the color scheme and crazy forks has me doing a double take.

After riding reviews, many of the misconceptions about this crazy 3-wheeled motorcycle have been dispelled – and no, it isn’t a beginners bike. Read on for details, pictures, and video. (more…)

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MTM AC4C Ammo Crate 4-Can

Ammo cans are great for storing stuff (not just ammo). Great for the garage, shop, back of the truck or UTV, heck… even handy in the kitchen. The metal ammo cans tend to look a bit too military for some folks, and they tend to rust a bit. Time for an upgrade. Read on for more details… (more…)

While Apple might not be first to the show, they are often worth the wait. If you want a smart speaker that sounds good and doesn’t pimp out your data – check out the Apple HomePod. Not only is it one of best sounding of the bunch, it looks pretty nice to boot. The HomePod launched without stereo pairing and multi-room support (AirPlay 2) but has both now. Yay. When you add HomePod to more than one room, the speakers communicate with each other through AirPlay 2. Play the same music everywhere or play different songs in...