Posted on Feb 6 2019 - 10:08am by Pete M

I guess people really want self-tying shoes. Nike is already on their second generation of the HyperAdapt self-tying shoe. Now Puma is joining the field with their own self-tying shoes named “Fi” (Fit Intelligence). The Puma Fi shoes adapt to the owners feet when they swipe the top of the shoe’s tongue. Inside this elevated tongue is a micrometer that activates a pair of cables for tightening the shoe. If you like your shoes tighter or looser, you can adjust them through a Puma smartphone app or Apple Watch. ...

FLIR Systmes, the makers of thermal cameras, have launched their latest drone – the Black Hornet 3. The Black Hornet 3 is a tiny drone marketed to the military, government agencies, and first responders. This Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS) is the world’s smallest combat-proven nano-Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). Just a bunch of words saying it is a tiny drone. The Black Hornet 3 weighs just 32 grams, has a 1.2 mile range, and...

Bubbly Blaster Champagne Squirt Gun

Good champagne is, well, good. Bad champagne is ummmm, bad.

Did some not-so-tasty champagne survive this years NYE party? If so, strap on the Bubbly Blaster ($100) and use it as a neat party trick. The Bubbly Blaster turns your champagne into a squirt gun that can shoot about 30-feet.

Video of the Bubbly Blaster after the break. (more…)

Posted on Jan 30 2019 - 9:22am by gchoe


Better act quick if you want to get the Anker PowerPort Cube for just $19 shipped (regularly $25.99). Use coupon code ANKERP27 at checkout today only.

What is the Anker PowerPort Cube? It is basically a 3-outlet power strip with 3 USB ports with smart charging. It is about the size of a tennis ball and has rounded corners.

Video after the break if you want to learn more. (more…)

GoPro just announced a pretty compelling offer for users of their cameras, unlimited video storage with GoPro Plus ($4.99 per month). The previous GoPro Plus plan allowed  subscribers to upload unlimited photos and up to 35 hours of video (about 250Gb). The worst part of the old plan was that the videos were transcoded and stored at a lower bit rate. Not anymore. The...

Nostalgic buyers have been creating a market for for vinyl record players. Think of these throwback turntables as conversation pieces for the living room. The main downfall of most of these turntables is the fact that your accompanying amplifier doesn’t typically have a dedicated phono input. McIntosh has a fix with their MT1100 Turntable ($6,500) which has a phone pre-amp and hi-fi amplifier built-in. They even added Bluetooth and...

CSC SG250 San Gabriel Motorcycle Under 2k

What costs half as much as a Honda Monkey, is bigger, more capable, and you can get delivered to your house in about a week? The CSC SG250 San Gabriel ($1,995).

While I try to avoid buying things made in China (not easy, and I certainly can’t do it for everything) this bike has some pretty fair reviews online. Sure, it has rear drum brakes, tiny front disc brakes, and front shocks that look like they came off of a bicycle. But that isn’t the point with this bike, at least not in my opinion. If you want a fun little commuter bike (assuming you aren’t on the freeway much, or at all), the CSC SG250 San Gabriel Motorcycle checks a bunch of boxes. All for less than $2k! (more…)

Got $110K kicking around and have nostalgia for the 1960’s Lincoln Continentals with suicide doors, but want something a bit more modern? This limited edition Lincoln Continental is being built to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Continental. This 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition will be limited to just 80-units worldwide and has a price tag of $110k. Unfortunately they sold out in just 48 hours, so you you will have to find someone selling their personal car. The interior is from Lincoln’s Black Label trim...

Posted on Jan 22 2019 - 9:29am by gchoe

The Cave is the first inflatable tent that Heimplanet made. It can be erected in less than a minute, with included pump, and is very stable and weatherproof. It certainly isn’t the cheapest tent, but it is arguably one of the coolest. Get your Heimplanet...

Tesla just released a new “portable” wall charger. It looks similar to the hard wired version but comes with a NEMA 14-50 plug. This new charger can charge 25% faster than the Gen 2 Mobile Connector which comes with the car (this assumes you have 50-amps at the wall). It will work with the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 vehicles. I like the idea of this little charge because it bridges the gap between home and portable use as most folks have a NEMA 14-50 port for their electric clothes dryer. This would also allow Tesla owners...