A protective iPhone case with 10 pre-installed nostalgic games that looks like a Gameboy. Yep, I’m interested. The Wanle Gamers Console Case for iPhone ($25) is retro-cool and includes Tetris, Snake & Block, Formula One Racing, and more. Available in iPhone 6, 6s, 6plus, 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus, and X. ...

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp Wireless QI Charger TT-DL031 Charging Pad

Been difficult to find things worth writing about lately. Most of the gadgets are boring or ridiculous. This TT-DL031 TaoTronics LED Lamp ($49) comes with a built-in Qi wireless phone charging pad. Perfect double duty and less clutter and cordage running across your desk. The TT-DL031 happens to be good at both of its jobs, lighting and charging. On the lighting front, it lets users pick between 6 brightness levels and 5 color temperatures (from 2800 to 6500k). The illumination head can rotate 270-degrees and the arm can move 180-degrees. The base of the lamp has a nice spot for charging your Qi enabled phones and an additional USB port for your non-wireless devices. No motion of the wireless charging speed with this one. There is also a less expensive model, the TT-DL036, which charges at 10W. (more…)

Taiga TS2 Electric Snowmobile Side View

A Canaidian startup just released an all electric snowmobile, the Taiga TS2, and it is quick. Like 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds. The Taiga electric snowmobile was designed from the ground up for its job of quietly shredding the snow and ice. The TS2 is powered by a brushless motor and weighs under 500 lbs, similar to the gasoline versions. Range is about 62- miles per charge, there is regenerative braking, and 250 Nm of torque. Just like the Tesla electric cars, Taiga plans to make over-the-air software updates. (more…)

Looking for a good wireless QI-certified charger for your iPhone 8/8 Plus, or X? Look no further. The Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand ($22) is a well reviewed and versatile charger. It comes with everything you need to get going minus the actual wall-wart charger (use one you have kicking around). No more dealing with cables and cases that hamper charging. Just put your device on the Anker PowerPort and it begins to charge like magic. You can set your phone horizontally or vertically. Charging Devices compatibility list: -iPhone X,...

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SWING Table Shelf

This crafty table, the SWING table/shelf, can transform into a shelf. Useful?  Not sure. Cool? For sure.

The SWING table/shelf ($740) is available from German Smart Living  and comes in five different finishes was well as an outdoor version.

Aukey KM-G10 Mechanical Retro Keyboard Angle

The Aukey KM-G10 Keyboard has two unique features going for it; 1) it is a mechanical keyboard and 2) it has the retro styled round keycaps like an old typewriter. By the way, this $44 keyboard has a one-day coupon code which brings it down to $29.91. Coupon code and more details after the break. (more…)


Electric bikes continue to evolve and find their way. From throttle controlled to pedal assisted there is something for everyone. Price points, batteries, motors, and component options mean that prices are all over the price. The Sur-Ron (LightBee) is just $3,500. If you have been following the electric dirt bike market you know that this price is pretty hard to beat There is a $150 pedal option, but is more of an electric motorcycle aimed squarely at the 80cc dirt bikes.

The Sur Ron is perfect for having a blast while not assaulting your ears or annoying your neighbors. It makes the normal “electric” noises but compared to a two-stroke motorcycle it is positively whisper quiet. The Sur-Ron weighs in at just 110 lbs, has a 6-kW (8 hp) mid-drive axial-flux motor, 200 Nm of torque at the rear wheel, and a single-speed powertrain.

The battery pack is removable (and lockable) and is made up of 176 Panasonic 18650 cells for a total of 33 Ah at 60 volts. Wheels are 19-inches with four-piston hydraulic brakes with Intersect TR shocks and Fastace forks. These parts are more like heavy duty mountain bike parts than actual dirt bike parts but they do help to keep weight down. Speaking of weight, the frame is a forged aluminum cradle style that weighs 17.2 lbs.

More pictures, videos, and specs after the break. (more…)

I think it is pretty fair to say that kids truly do have it pretty good these days. Geesh. I was just having a discussion with a few buddies and one of them was bragging because he grew up with a Green Machine while all of his friends could only afford Big Wheels. How times have changed. I was just getting used to kids driving around in their tiny electric cars. This electric powerboat for children certainly ups the game. The JimBoat was conceived by boatbuilder Denis Jimenez when he noticed his five-year old grandson was interested...

This is the perfect gift for your enemy or friend (with a good sense of humor) that likes doing jigsaw puzzles – the Micro Pure Hell Jigsaw Puzzle ($20). These tiny puzzles (around 10 x 15-inches) come in black and white and are made by Beverly of Japan. The part I find hilarious is the bit about it being for ages three and up. Maybe that is a typo and it should be thirty and up? ...

Cold weather doesn’t have to end your backyard hangout sessions. You just need to be creative. Try popping a Breeo smokeless fire pit to your backyard hangout area. There are four Breeo models to choose from (Ablaze, Zentro, Double Flame, and Luxeve). The Breeo fire pits keep smoke at a minimum by using a double-wall, secondary combustion chamber. This means that the smoke is mixed with heated oxygen causing it to reburn. No more playing musical chairs to dodge the smokey areas. The Breeo fire pits are made in Lancaster, PA and...