Posted on Oct 25 2018 - 9:37am by Russ

Beer and peanuts – they go together. I don’ know if they go together well enough to mix them cup in the brewing process, but it just happened. Noon Whistle Brewery and Planter’s have teamed up to brew the Planters Mr. IPA-Nut beer. It is brewed with Citra and Wakatu hops and a bunch of Planters peanuts. The bad part is that you will have to travel to Illinois to get them. ...


If you have wanted to start tinkering with the tiny Raspberry Pi mini computers, this kit will make things easier and much neater. This tiny briefcase comes loaded with a 7-inch touchscreen, a camera, power circuit, vibration motor, matrix LED, buzzer, sound sensor, ultrasonic sensor, tilt sensor, servo interface, RFID module, and tons of other bits and pieces. More details and video of the Elecrow SES14004K Crowpi Advanced Kit after the break. (more…)

That fellow, Shawn Cormier, leaning on this crazy contraption is the builder of what he dubs Tankenstein,  a half 1947 Mercury truck and half WW2 tank. Video speaks louder than words in this case. Click through for the video of Tankenstein in action. ...

Posted on Oct 22 2018 - 9:00am by Russ

Gillette Razor Maker

Make your own custom Gillette razor handle or pick from a slew of new options. This cool new option, Gillette Razor Maker, is born form a collaboration between Formlabs and Gillette. There are several colors and finishes to choose from for both 5 and 3 blade razors. Once you land on your design, it will be created using stereolithography printing technology and shipped to you in a few weeks.

Posted on Oct 12 2018 - 11:01am by gchoe


If you are serious about your homemade pizza then the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo ($800) is for you. It is the first domestic countertop oven to get to 750-degrees F. The Pizzaiolo has an Element iQ system turns off the upper and lower heating elements to replicate traditional wood-fired pizza ovens and offer the signature char and crust.

There are seven presets (wood-fired, New York style, frozen, etc..), darkness controls, and timers. This high tech countertop pizza oven can cook pizzas up to 12-inches in diameter. Video of the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo after the break.  (more…)

Posted on Oct 10 2018 - 9:30am by Steve M

Who doesn’t want to try Mac & Cheese Candy Canes? Me. Might make a good white elephant gift or gag for a friend. “Peppermint is so last year. And the year before that, and before that… Trade in boring traditions for flavors that you love.” ...

Last week was a massive user-data breach. This week Facebook enters smart display business with Portal, a wireless speaker, camera, LCD, and Alexa integrated gadget. Great timing Facebook! I think I will take a solid pass on Facebook having an open microphone and camera in my home. I will be massively surprised if this product succeeds at gaining mass user adoption. Ask yourself if you trust Facebook with this type of device in your home. I certainly don’t. There will be two Portal configurations: a 10.1-inch 720p version ($200),...

Sierra Modern Home Studio Smart Table 1

The Sierra Modern Home Studio Smart Table does more than your traditional table. It has a built in 360-degree Bluetooth speaker system with tweeters and a subwoofer, Qi wireless charging, two USB ports, and auxiliary port, and a built-in 6600 mAh battery. What a clean way to get tunes and phone charging in the mix without extra clutter. (more…)

Posted on Oct 4 2018 - 12:00pm by Steve M

Yep, welcome to 2018 where kids get toys that simulate playing with poop. I just bought two sets. This is the Play-Doh Poop Troop Set ($39) which allows kids create their own hilarious poo characters out of squishy play-doh. “Make creations like poop monsters or the famous emojis with the poo mold or by squeezing them from the decorating tool.” This poopy Play-Doh set comes with 10-cans of doh, 4 of which are brown in color. ...

Catalyst Impact Protection Case

For the first time in quite a while I have stopped looking for a new iPhone X case. I have tried just about all styles from super cheap cases to expensive cases, Apple branded cases and everything in between. Some were, unsurprisingly, better than others but none better than my latest case – the Catalyst Impact Protection Case for iPhone (X, XS, XR, XS Max). Read on for a quick review. (more…)