Stop doing this people – 2Na+ + 2H2O + 2e- = H2 + 2NaOH

Posted on Jan 24 2008 - 4:02am by Gadget King

I guess you could call this a “public service announcement”…. stop playing with sodium metal unless you realize the dangers, and I don’t mean the obvious danger from the explosion.

Sodium Metal Explosion


The explosion alone is enough to burn you severely… or take off a couple of body parts.  Notice the smoke after every sodium metal explosion?  That smoke is sodium hydroxide and it can severely damage your respiratory system.  Still not convinced? … read here.

Sodium metal is a Soft metal, Can be cut with a knife and its very reactive but its one step under Potassium.

Sodium metal reacting with water producing hydrogen then igniting.

Sodium + Water = Hydrogen + Sodium Hydroxide.
2Na+ + 2H2O + 2e? ? H2 + 2NaOH

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  1. Randy January 24, 2008 at 4:07 am -

    This is one of the best/worst. Look at these people sitting in the cloud of poisonous smoke!

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