Worlds smallest espresso maker gone Wild

Posted on Apr 2 2009 - 2:17pm by Craig


How often have you been stumped by having to get a gift for someone who seemingly has everything? Well if that someone is a coffee fiend, I would recommend the world’s smallest espresso maker – the Handpresso Wild. The trick to a good espresso is to bring good coffee and water together under pressure. Before the Handpresso, getting adequate pressure has been a challenge for portable espresso makers. The Handpresso solves the problem by adding a friggin PUMP! That’s right you pump up the Handpresso until you redline the pressure indicator, add water and get some banging espresso. So when you are out hiking in the mountains and the exercise, the company, or the scenery just don’t give you enough of that je ne sais quoi reach for your Handpresso like that tool in the commercial (see the video below) and kick it up a notch – BAM!

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