Insta360 Dual Lens Camera For iPhone

Posted on Jul 21 2016 - 11:58am by Robby S.


By now, you may have noticed all of the cool 360-degree videos popping up on YouTube. They allow you to use your mouse/cursor or your smartphone to look wherever you want. No more fixed focal point videos. Give it try. Here is listing of some YouTube 360 videos.

Pretty cool, right? So how do you create your own 360-degree videos with your iPhone? Well you buy an Insta360 Dual Lens Camera and strap it on to your iPhone. It’s that easy.

Insta360 Nano gives you a brand new 360 Degree virtual reality experience. Crafted as the world tiniest spherical camera, it allows users to take 360 Degree photos and videos with just a few fingertips. Perfectly compatible with iPhone, Insta360 Nano can be plugged into your smartphones directly for your panoramic shots. 360 Degree photography has never been more simple and convenient.

Insta360 iPhone Camera Insta360_Nano_Small_360_degree_camera Insta360-Nano-360-Camera

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