JayKay Skateboard Trucks Hides Batteries And Motor Inside

Posted on Mar 13 2017 - 9:35am by Russ


I have a Boosted Boards Electric Skateboard and I absolutely love it. It is great for short commutes and just goofing around. If I had to find a negative on the Boosted Board, I guess it would be the battery under the belly of the longboard. Not that it bothers me or I even notice it. Just saying.

This Kickstarter project (lands in May 2017) coming from Germany, the JayKay e-Truck plans to hide the batteries, electronics, and motor inside the skateboard trucks. I love the idea but personally I am skeptical that you can pack all of this goodness inside of the trucks and get the speed/range posted. Having seen a few (to good to be true) Kickstarts fail in the last few years I suspect this one could be in the same category. I hope I am wrong. On to the purported specs and beautiful renderings after the break.

  • 30 km/h – 18.6 mph top speed
  • 12 km – 7.4 mile range
  • Bluetooth control via FlickTek Clip
  • 1-hour charging time
  • 100% freewheel option

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