Pakayak Is A Kayak That Shrinks To Backpack Size

Posted on Jul 7 2016 - 9:10am by Pete M

Ever wanted to hike to a remote spot and they bust out your kayak for a quick paddle? Imagine being able to get to private beaches, lakes, and rivers where most folks can’t take their kayaks. Well that is one of the uses for the Pakayak which currently lives on Kickstarter.

The Pakayak is not just going to be ultra portable it is also made to be very sturdy. Heck, you could fit this thing on your motorcycle or in a Mini Cooper.

“Each of the sections of our Pakayak connect with a tongue and groove interlocking shape that compresses a silicone gasket to insure a watertight, dry boat. Each tongue and groove intersection acts as a bulkhead to increase the hull strength at the connecting seams. The sections are held together by our patented clamping system. Each clamp is rated to hold over 500 ft/lbs of force providing 2500 ft/lbs of force holding the Pakayak together at the cockpit and 2000 ft/lbs of force at the other sections.”

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