Small Japanese Village Switches To Solar Power

Posted on Jul 19 2012 - 8:36am by Ty G

As you might imagine, the folks in Japan are a bit gun shy when it comes to nuclear power.  The Fukushima nuclear disaster is still fresh on their minds.

A very small village, Sanno in Hyogo Prefectrue, with a population of just 42 people is going all-in with solar power.  The small town of Sanno used a fund they have kept for decades to purchase the 216 solar panels from Sanyo Engineering.

The installation lies along a river and is expected to produce a very modest 40,000kWh of power annually.

Kansai Electric Power, the local utility, is buying the electricity, providing the village with extra income, and redistributing it. Because of this, the costs for shared facilities such as the town hall are expected to be zero next year.



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