30 Minute Charge = 30 Miles Of No Pedaling

Posted on Sep 25 2008 - 10:31am by Russ

Schwinn Tailwind eBike

I love it… I get 30 miles of pure non-pedaling laziness with only 30 minutes of charge time.  Very nice.  I can hear my BS story already… “I rode my bike to work 5 times this week… who’s the man!?”  The 2009 Schwinn Tailwind eBike manages to hide the electronics pretty well so people will never know just how lazy I am.

The bike uses Toshiba’s Super Charge ion battery technology which is why it charges so fast off of standard 110V power (only 30 minutes).  The electric motor is hidden in the small hub on the front wheel while the battery pack resides on the rear luggage rack.

I like it… but for $3,199 I might just buy a Tata Nano.  Videos of the beautiful bike after the break.


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