JimBoat 6.5 FT Electric Powerboat For Kids

Posted on Feb 20 2018 - 9:08am by Robby S.


I think it is pretty fair to say that kids truly do have it pretty good these days. Geesh. I was just having a discussion with a few buddies and one of them was bragging because he grew up with a Green Machine while all of his friends could only afford Big Wheels. How times have changed.

I was just getting used to kids driving around in their tiny electric cars. This electric powerboat for children certainly ups the game. The JimBoat was conceived by boatbuilder Denis Jimenez when he noticed his five-year old grandson was interested in powerboats. The JimBoat ($4,000) is 6.5 ft long, weighs 165 lbs, has an enclosed 3 blade propellers and can hit speeds of 5.5 knots. Video of the JimBoat after the break.

jimboat-electric-mini-boat-for-kids-back jimboat-electric-mini-boat-for-kids-cockpit jimboat-electric-mini-boat-for-kids-girl jimboat-electric-mini-boat-for-kids-in-truck  jimboat-electric-mini-boat-for-kids-rolling-stand jimboat-electric-mini-boat-for-kids-stand

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