Mavea Walter Filtration Pitchers, The Marella & Elemaris

Posted on Apr 12 2011 - 8:00am by Russ


While Mavea looks to be a competitor to the Brita water filters, they are actually a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Brita Group.  With that said, the Mavea Filter Pitchers are totally different than the Brita Filter Pitchers.

Of the many differences between the Brita and the Mavea, the most notable is the speed at which the Mavea filters water.  Say good bye to the super slow drip of the Brita, the

Mavea processes water very fast, the water streams right through the filter.  Makes you wonder how much filtering is actually going on because it is so fast.  I expect it does about the same as the Brita filters removing the obvious stuff like cadmium, copper, mercury, benzene, MTBE, tetrchloroethylene, pesticides, etc,

The Mavea designs appear better than the Brita and include features like a recyclable filter that uses coconut shells and is silver treated, a sensor that lets you know when your filter needs to be changed, rubber feet and handle, a pour through lid, BPA free plastic, faster water filtration, and more.

The Mavea Pitchers are made up of the following models, Mavea Elemaris, Mavea Elemaris XL, and the Mavea Marella XL.  The main difference between the Elemaris and the Elemaris XL is a 5-glass vs 9-glass capacity, while the Marella is an 8-glass model.  All of the Mavea pitchers use the Maxtra filter cartridge.

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