Table Tennis Pro Vs. Robot

Posted on Feb 17 2014 - 8:46am by V Ramos

Man vs Robot Tennis Table Match

Yep… robots are coming for your jobs.  Even if your job is playing table tennis at the professional level.  This particular table tennis robot is made in Germany by Kuka.  The Kuka Robot will battle it out in a game of table tennis against Timo Boll.

The Kuka vs. Boll match will take place on March 11th as a celebration of Kuka’s first plant being opened in Shanghai.  The Shanghai Kuka plant is 215,300 square feet and will produce the Kuka KR Quantec series robots and KRC4 controllers.

The robot that Timo Boll will play against is a Kuka KR Agilus which is designed for working in fast environments with a high level of precision.  Good luck Timo!  Teaser video of the man vs. machine ping pong match after the break.

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