Short on height and tall on cash? Check the Tesla Roadster out

Posted on Jan 29 2008 - 3:11am by Gadget King

If you are a man of small stature (under 6′) and have $100,000 to burn… this detailed review by AutoblogGreen is the best we’ve seen. The all electric Tesla Roadster has been in the news quite a bit… but details have been lacking. Being that the car is basically built on the same body as the Lotus Elise… it is a small car to say the least. Getting in the car requires a small person… or a bit of Vaseline. 0-60 in four seconds… break out the Vaseline 🙂

Tesla Roadster Front Angle

Tesla Roadster Front

Tesla Roadster Left Side

Feds abusing the Tesla Roadster in the name of safety… so sad 🙁

Tesla Roadster Fed Crash

Not in the same class as far as sexy and speed are concerned… but I wish Aptera would break the silence with some news!  Don’t bother signing up for the “Get our news” email… not a peep in many months.

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