Hangover Heaven IV Drip Bus

Posted on Apr 10 2012 - 8:40am by Craig


Not sure how this is real, or even legal for that matter.  The old school bus pictured above is known in Las Vegas as Hangover Heaven.  The Hangover Heaven Bus travels around the Vegas strip performing vitamin enriched IV Drips for folks who want to accelerate their hangover healing.  You hook up to this IV bag for about 45 minutes and supposedly feel much better.  Too hungover to make it to the bus?  They will send someone to your hotel room with an IV Drip bag in hand…

Bus service starts at $130 ($200 for the premium service) while room service is $500 for the first person (you) and $375 for each additional person (your friends).  A bit cool, a bit sad.  Watch a testimonial video after the break.

Hangover Heaven official site.

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