Pedal Brain – iPhone Cycling Computer

Posted on Dec 28 2009 - 8:24am by Gadget King


"Anyone can go down to the local bike shop and pick up a crappy bike computer that tells you how fast and far you’ve ridden. But there’s a whole new breed of wireless bike computers, ANT+, that not only track how fast or far you’ve gone, but also things like heart rate, cadence, power and more. The Pedal Brain is the first product that connects your current ANT+ devices with an iPhone app.

Pedal Brain Synapse is the device that syncs your ANT+ data with an iPhone to provide realtime data that you can see on your iPhone. With GPS from the phone, you can track your own rides, find your cycling buddies, and then analyze the data with your coach after the ride.

Pedal Brain should be available in March for between $130 – $190, and you can get a monthly subscription to store your data online."


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